Quick Start

Last updated: November 15th, 2017


  1. Install composer if not already installed
  2. Download the latest release
  3. Extract the zip to the root or a subdirectory
  4. Copy config.sample.php to config.php
  5. Open config.php and edit the following constants and save the file: TTCMS_MAINSITE & TTCMS_MAINSITE_PATH. If you install on a dev server and then move it to a new server with a different domain, you will need to edit these for the new server.
  6. Run composer to install needed libraries: composer install
  7. Open your browser to http://replace_url/login/ and login with the login credentials below:
    • username: TriTan
    • password: TriTanCMS
  8. Visit http://replace_url/admin/options-general/ and change the API Key to something unique.